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Kazakhstan implements Azerbaijan's permit system

The Turkestan region of the Republic of Kazakhstan developed an online registration system for the movement of citizens on the basis of the experience of the "System of Obtaining Permits and Monitoring in the Special Quarantine Regime” of Azerbaijan.

The new system will help citizens to buy food and other daily necessities, as well as medicines, urgent medical necessities, as well as get permission online when leaving home or going to work.

The Information about the relevant system implemented in our country was shared in the online platform of Astana State Services Center, in which 42 countries participated of. In the relevant platform the information was also provided about the systems implemented in Greece and the United Arab Emirates in addition to the experience of Azerbaijan. Kazakhstan's Turkestan region created a relevant system based on the experience of the State Agency.

The Information was published on the website of the Astana Civil Service Hub of UN Development Program and other local news portals in Kazakhstan.

"Special Quarantine Permit Acquisition and Monitoring System" was developed by the e-Government Development Center and the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the State Agency for Citizen Services and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


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Date: 30-04-2020 11:09