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Nepal is interested in implementing the "ASAN service" model

Nepal is interested in implementing the "ASAN service" model

An article by Sunil KC, head of the Nepal Institute for Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs Sunil KC was published in “The Rising Nepal”.

It was noted in the article that the Prime Minister of Nepal visited Azerbaijan in 2019 as part of the Non-Aligned Movement Summit.

It was reported that 320 services are provided by various government agencies in the ASAN service centers in Azerbaijan.

The author who emphasizing that serious steps have been taken to build e-government in Azerbaijan, brought to attention the successful example of "ASAN Visa" for the development of tourism potential in this area.

It was also emphasized that the implementation of “ASAN service” model in Nepal in the framework of public-private partnership can stimulate the development of the country's economy.

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Date: 07-05-2020 15:03