About Agency

General Information about the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President  of the Republic of Azerbaijan

  • The  State Agency  for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan No.685 dated 13 July 2012.
  • The State Agency is the central body of executive  power that, according to its direction of activities, will carry out the unified management of the “ASAN” service centers, coordinate the functions of the employees of the state agencies to act at those centers, hold control and provide assessment, carry out the mutual integration of databases of state agencies, accelerate the organization of electronic services and improve the management system in this area.
  • The directions of activity of the State Agency
  • Provides the unified management of centers and the coordination of activities of employees of state entities which act at these centers.
  • Controls implementation of services provided in the centers based on the principles of efficiency, transparency, gentleness, responsibility and comfort.
  • Provides assessment of the relevance to the law and the quality and transparency of each service rendered in the centers.
  • Controls adherence to the rules of ethical behavior by the employees of the state entities which act at these centers, provides the organization of ethical courses and the various trainings aimed at developing skills in management of citizen flow, meeting citizens, and listening and explaining skills.
  • Analyzes each service rendered by the state entities and implements measures to create and upgrade the relevant program supplies, information systems, databases and the registry of electronic services to ensure the provision of those services in electronic form. State Agency ensures control over the provision of services to all citizens on a daily basis, based on the principles of efficiency, transparency, gentleness, responsibility and comfort, irrespective of the registration of the citizen.
  • State Agency ensures activity of the “Call” center equipped with a unified phone number serving citizens.
  • State Agency carries out the following for the purpose of electronic arrangement and improvement of services rendered by state agencies:
  • To study the information systems held by state entities, to take joint measures with the relevant agencies for the electronic organization of the services provided;
  • To prepare proposals for the determination of technical norms, standards and requirements for the provision of electronic services;
  •  To assess the organization and provision of electronic services in state entities and to prepare notes and reports on the results;
  •  To provide methodical and practical assistance to state entities for the provision of electronic services;
  • “ASAN service” centers are designed to form up a new approach towards ensuring the citizens’ satisfaction in functioning of the state servants in relation to the population and to enrich the quality of relations between state servants and citizens.
  • The functioning of the “ASAN service” centers is based on the principles of operativeness, transparency, ethical behavior, responsibility and comfort. “ASAN service” centers are the bodies to ensure the realization of the services to be rendered by the state entities in a uniformed and coordinated manner.


  • Aims of the activities of “ASAN service” centers are the following:
  • To reduce extra expenses and loss of the time by the citizens;
  • To comply with ethical standards and polite behavior towards citizens;
  • To enhance the level of professionalism;
  • To strengthen a confidence towards the state structures;
  • To increase transparency and strengthen the fight against corruption;
  • To ensure a larger use of electronic services;
  • To expand the effectiveness of institutional reforms in this area.


  • The state entities that will render services to citizens at “ASAN service” centers are the following:
  • The Ministry of Justice
  • The Ministry of Internal Affair
  • The Ministry of Taxes
  • The State Committee of Property issues
  • The State Customs Committee
  • The State Migration Service
  • The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection
  • National Archive Department
  • Ministry of Economics
  • State Service For Mobilization and Conscription


Citizens will be able to benefit from the following services rendered by the state entities mentioned above:

1. State registration of civil status acts

  1. Birth registration;
  2.  Death registration;
  3.  Wedlock registration;
  4.  Registration of divorce;
  5.  Registration of child adoption;
  6.  Registration of determination of paternity;
  7.  Registration of changes to the given name, patronymic and family name;
  8.  Issuance of certificates (renewed certificates) on state registration of civil status;
  1. Notary service;
  2. Issuance and renewal of identity cards;
  3. Issuance and renewal of passport of citizen;
  4. Renewal of driving licenses;
  5. Reference note about the conviction;
  6. Extracts of registration of property rights over the living houses (apartments), except the initial registration;

7.1. Reference note of state registration about restriction (encumbrance) of rights over the real estate;

7.2. Issuance of certificates from state register about the description of the real estate;

8. Registration of commercial legal persons and tax payers;

9. Issuance of  archival certificates  to legal and physical persons;

10. Receipt of customs declaration and documents for customs clearance;

11. Required documents to grant Temporary Resident Permit to foreigners and stateless persons in the Republic of Azerbaijan;

12. Determining occupational pensions;

13. Providing information on all services rendered by the state entities;

14. In the case of registration to the residence or withdrawal from the registration or military registration of the citizens-military officials or withdrawal from the military registration;

15. Acceptance of the documents by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the issuance of an apostille to use abroad.