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UN Human Rights Council adopts Resolution on Promotion of “ASAN service”

     Within the framework of the 37th session of the UN Human Rights Council held in Geneva on March 22, a resolution "Promoting Human Rights and Sustainable Development Goals through Transparent, Responsible and Effective Public Service Delivery" was adopted upon the initiative of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

     The resolution is the first document within the Human Rights Council adopted upon the initiative of Azerbaijan since the adoption of the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals which set out the global development program. The purpose of resolution is to encourage "transparent, responsible and efficient public service delivery" principle within the UN system based on “ASAN service” concept, one of the most important achievements of our country in fight against corruption.

     The resolution emphasizes the contribution of public services through technological innovation and innovative approaches to the protection of human rights, and the UN member states that have established successful models in this area are invited to share their experiences with others.

     Noting the important role of transparent, responsible, efficient and adequate delivery of public services in the protection of human rights and prevention of corruption, the resolution stresses out the significance of using mobile service centers and electronic applications in order to increase the access to public services of citizens settled far away from the main centers of such services.

     The resolution recognizes the UN Public Service Award granted to "ASAN service" as the most prestigious award in the field of public services. It calls upon the UN agencies and other international organizations to continue to promote and reward such initiatives in the relevant field.

     This resolution, put forward by our country, was joined by 87 states that represent all geographical and political groups of the United Nations. This is a fairly high indicator compared to other UN Human Rights Council resolutions. This factor is a clear indication of the support shown by the international human rights community to the ongoing reforms in the field of human rights and anti-corruption in our country, including the establishment and expansion of the "ASAN service".

Date: 22-03-2018 16:47