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GIZ representative at “ASAN service”

The head of the Eastern Partnership Regional Administration Reform Fund of the International Cooperation Society (GIZ) of the Federal Republic of Germany Sandro Fur got acquainted with the activities of the “ASAN service” center.

The delegation got familiarized with the activities of "ASAN service" center, "ABAD" ethno-boutique, and "INNOLAND Incubation and Acceleration Center".

Information about the goals and activities of the "ASAN service" centers was brought to the attention of the guests. It was mentioned that important achievements have been made in the field of ensuring efficient state administration with the creation of "ASAN service" in terms of increasing transparency and applying modern innovations.

It was mentioned, that the State Agency was awarded the United Nations Public Services Award in 2015, the UN special award in the field of public services development with the application of digital management in 2019, and the” World’s Most Advanced Public Service” in 2023 within the framework of ”Global Government Excellency Award” Program. Moreover, it was also emphasized that the “ASAN service” model has been successfully applied in various countries.

The representative of GIZ emphasized the importance of the concept of "ASAN service" and the possibility of applying the practice in European countries should be considered.

At the meeting, a wide range of ideas were exchanged regarding the implementation of joint projects currently ongoing and planned to be implement within the specific platform of GIZ.

Date: 12-05-2023 14:47